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Website design is only one part of your website needs.  What about all the stuff (aka content) that goes on your website? Your website content may take the form of text, documents, forms, images, audio, or video files, just to name the obvious.  To keep your website unique and personalized to your veterinary practice, you need be able to access and edit that content. That’s  why at eVetSites we give you numerous ways to create, edit and publish your content or integrate quality, authoritative content from eVetSites and the Veterinary Information Network.

Some of the features available to you through eVetSites’ Content Management System (CMS):

Easy to use content editor and media manager, available anytime!

You want a Content Management System that makes it easy to update, edit and publish content. Upgraded and enhanced this past year, eVetSites content editor is designed to help you more easily create and maintain your valuable content.  The enhanced media manager also simplifies the task of adding and organizing your image and video content.

As you read through the list of features online included with the content manager, keep in mind that each feature is easily managed by anyone with word processing experience. No special programing or coding knowledge required!

A quick-start 32 page veterinary specific website

What is the quick-start website? Simply put it's a way to get your veterinary website started and highlight the various page-types and features available with your eVetSites website.  This also means that it’s ready for you to personalize and GO!

The quick-starts are not meant to be used as the finished website, rather help illustrate the types of pages and content your could include on your new veterinary website. The best sites are personalized to reflect the unique nature of your business -- and we’re here to help you with that personalization.  Please Note:  if you already have a website, we can help you transfer your existing website content into your quick-start eVetSites website -- just let us know!

VINtegrated content

Make your veterinary website an authoritative source for animal health information!

With eVetSites, not only can you add your own custom veterinary content, you have the option to automatically share content from trusted Veterinary Information Network sources such as VeterinaryPartner.com, VETzInsight, the VIN News Service, and the VIN Recall Center.

Each time visitors view your website, they see new pet health information.  You choose the content that matches your clients' needs or add your own with the MyContent feature (link to section below).

See an example


Some practices have created a library of content covering topics most relevant to their practice and client needs.  Sure, you could add that content to a blog, but you can also have it rotate within your own eVetSites website using the MyContent feature. Creating content and adding it to the MyContent area allows you to add your own articles to the rotating VINtegrated Content provided from VIN. When adding new articles, topics can be chosen from those created by VIN or new topics can be created by simply typing in your own topic.

The Client Education Library from Veterinary Partner and VIN

The Client Education Library will help your clients take care of their companion animals by providing reliable, up-to-date animal health information from the veterinarians and experts of the Veterinary Information Network (VIN), the world's first and largest online veterinary community.

The Client Education Library control panel lets you select the articles you want to include in your library from over two thousand articles in 5 Categories:  Behavior - Health - Diseases - Drugs - Pet Corner.  You can print these same articles for client handouts from within your website as well.

Each week new articles are added to the Client Education Library so your clients can read current information in Veterinary Medicine from the veterinarians and experts at the Veterinary Information Network.

See an example

Widgets, Forms and other content add ons

If you see an element out on the internet or another website, chances are we can add it into your eVetSites website.  The eVetSites builder allows you to add pretty much any widget or other embeddable content to your site. 

  • Want to add a Google map or contact page? 
  • How about integration for website Widgets? 
  • You can add social networking widgets to your website's content to allow your clients to be able to share information more easily with their friends and contacts. 
  • Add interactive forms for your clients -- Your eVetSites website builder has a powerful and versatile system for your clients to interact with your website through direct feedback form pages.  You can set up feedback forms for any purpose you like with as many text fields as you need.